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Advanced Network Security And IT Solutions

Computer network security is a growing need for small and medium sized businesses. It’s important to have network security professionals set up your network so that it can be secured from malicious attacks and malware infections.

The good news is, there are many network security experts out there who can help you! At Computer Hounds, we connect IT experts to small and medium sized businesses at affordable rates.

Computer Network Security

What is network security and why your business needs it? Network security protects your network from intruders and hackers. The right network security team protects your business data, such as customer information or financial records.

What are the network security solutions offered by Computer Hounds?

Our referred pros offer a network assessment to identify potential network vulnerabilities. They also provide IT consulting services for small businesses that want help setting up their networks securely while complying with industry legislation. They will answer any questions you have about network security software or network device configuration best practices too.


What is anti phishing protection and why is it important for my business? Phishing is a criminal activity in which someone tries to steal your identity by pretending to be trustworthy.

This can happen through email, phone calls or texts and happens when criminals try to convince you that they’re from an organization such as a bank or government agency, often asking for sensitive personal information like credit card numbers.

The goal of any phisher is simple: get the victim’s private data so they can use it themselves, sell it on the black market or both. Phishers also want victims’ passwords so they can access their accounts and take what money might be stored there too.

Penetration Testing

What is penetration testing? Penetration testing is a security assessment of network defenses, evaluating the ability to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in network systems.

It tests networks for flaws by simulating an attack via network penetration techniques such as cracking passwords, Social Engineering or Denial of Service Attack.

What are the benefits? Penetration Testing helps businesses detect all exploitable areas on their network before it’s too late. The earlier you can find any possible vulnerability, the less costly your fix will be and more importantly – if it hasn’t happened yet.

Security Engineering

What is security engineering as it relates to network security? Network security engineers are responsible for designing and implementing different network solutions to protect networks from outside attacks. They often have a background in network technology, information systems engineering, or electrical engineering.

Security engineers monitor network traffic for unusual patterns that may indicate an attack is occurring. Engineers must be able to identify the source of any protocol violation and make changes accordingly so as not to disrupt legitimate network activity.

Computer Hounds connects small and medium sized businesses with network security professionals who can help set up and secure your networks by using these skill-sets as part of their IT consulting service offerings.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

What is cyber threat intelligence as it relates to network security? A network security professional needs to know the latest tricks and tactics that hackers are using in order to protect your network. This is where cyber threat intelligence comes into play.

Cyber-threat intelligence helps network security professionals stay up-to-date on the newest vulnerabilities, exploits and malware variants so they can be prepared for any attempted breach of a network or system. For example: Along with tracking data breaches, such as what happened at Target last year, cybersecurity firms may also monitor chat rooms used by criminals who trade stolen personal information like credit card numbers and bank account passwords.

Regardless of whether you find yourself under attack from within or without your company’s digital walls, it’s important not only to maintain an updated defense but to have preventative measures properly in place.

Forensics and Malware

What are forensics and malware as the relate to network security? Forensics and malware are a network security professional’s bread-and-butter. These two topics can make or break a network, so it is often the case that network professionals have to know how to deal with these problems one way or another when they pop up in an organization.

The first thing you should know about forensics is what it isn’t: It’s not CSI (or any other TV show) – there will be no blood spatter analysis for you here! Forensics just means looking at data after anything has happened to find out what happened and who did what. So if someone was trying really hard to cover their tracks, but made one little mistake, then would be able to “uncover” the data to determine exactly what happened.

How can malware effect a company’s network security?

Malware is a virus that infiltrates computers and network servers. It can be classified as anything from spam to crypto-locker, but the general idea is that it will infect your device with malicious code in order to take control of its functions or steal data. This threat has become so prevalent that some businesses are hiring specialists who have network security experience just for fighting malware.

How do you prevent malware attacks in your business? network?

It’s important to monitor network activity for unusual network traffic and unauthorized access attempts. Security experts recommend that you create a central place where all sensitive data is stored on the network, separate from your servers or workstations which are used by employees.

If an attacker gains access to one of these two locations, they don’t have both. Also, it might be worth investing in some security software such as antivirus protection…to help keep business networks safe from malware attacks.”

How can Computer Hounds Help Small Businesses with Network Security?

Network engineers who specialize in network security solutions will come into businesses’ offices and assess their network systems before providing recommendations for protecting themselves online.

This includes educating small office managers about the threat of malware and what they can do to protect their network.

Companies with less than 250 employees typically don’t have a network expert on staff to help protect the network and its data. This is where Computer Hounds comes in, providing qualified IT experts who can set up networks or provide ongoing network security services for businesses of all sizes.

Lots of small business owners don’t know how to properly secure their network systems from malware attacks that could cost them millions in lost revenue every year.

For these companies, it’s not enough to just purchase antivirus protection software – they need someone with expertise in network security solutions who will come into their offices and assess the situation before making recommendations.

Vulnerability Assessment

How can a vulnerability assessment help my business as it relates to network security? Vulnerability assessments are performed to find network security weaknesses and fix them. This helps prevent cyber attacks from succeeding in the future.

The goal of a vulnerability assessment is for computer network professionals to identify any potential threats on the network, whether they be software or hardware related vulnerabilities that could result in an issue with network integrity.

A good network professional will look for all possible gaps within your system’s security so as to close it up appropriately before anything bad can happen!

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