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Have you ever had data loss on your PC or MAC? We know that data recovery is a process that many people don’t want to go through, but it can happen to anyone. If you need data recovery services for your computer, we are here to help! We specialize in data recovery of lost files and have helped connect hundreds of customers with experts who can recover their data. You may be one of them!

Can I Recover Deleted Files?

Sure, data recovery specialists can recover data from a damaged drive or SD card; they may be able to retrieve your previous work. If you have lost files due to formatting the wrong partition or accidentally deleting them, Computer Hounds data professionals are here for you.

How do I know if my data is recoverable?

First thing to look for is if data has been overwritten. If data was not saved, there’s no way it can be recovered. Data recovery services can only recover data from a drive that still contains the data in one or more areas of storage space and they do this by reading through all the sectors on the disk surface looking for readable data.

Depending on how much information you want recovered, time may also play an important role. The longer your hard drive has been inactive, then likelier it will take to recover what you need back. Getting professional help with recovering lost data could save days worth of work but know when enough is enough as some files might have already gone bad due to corruption issues that are unfixable without specialized expert data recovery specialists.

SD Card Data Recovery Services

Can a data recovery service recover data from an SD Card?

Yes! Computer Hounds data recovery services can recover data from SD Cards. There are a few things that you need to know before contacting us for assistance with recovering data from your card:

– The data on the SD Card should be in one folder and not split up into different folders. This will make it easier for our specialists to find the files that you want back.

– If there is an encryption or password protection on the device, please decrypt or remove this first as we cannot provide any help if this has been applied by another party.

SSD Data Recovery

Can a data recovery specialist recover data from a solid state drive?

Computer Hound data recovery specialists can recover data from a solid state drive if it is formatted, has file system errors, or the data was deleted by accident. Solid State Drives are usually faster than traditional hard drives and use less power; however they do have their limits as to how many reads and writes that can be done in its lifetime before it fails completely.

SSD data recovery involves reading each sector on an SSD in order to retrieve your data which requires time, resources and patience since there is no such thing as “quick” data recovery for this type of device because you cannot overwrite any sectors once they’re read without risking permanent damage.

USB Data Recovery

What is USB Data Recovery??

-USB data recovery, also called data retrieval and data extraction, is a data recovery process that retrieves deleted files from an external storage device (such as a USB flash drive or memory card) by scanning the media for recoverable information.

The most common file types retrieved in this manner are documents created with word processors (e.g., Microsoft Word), spreadsheets generated with spreadsheet programs (e.g., Excel), images stored in digital cameras, videos captured on camcorders, and even audio recordings saved to tiny recordable devices like music players or voice memo recorders. Data can be lost due to accidental deletion of files during transfer over the internet or other computer failures such as hardware malfunctioning.(source: Wikipeda).

Recover Data From Your Hard Drive

How do you recover data from a Hard Drive??

Computer data storage can be a fragile thing. Things like power surges, overheating your hardware or data being accidentally deleted from the hard drive are all things that could happen to you at any time without warning.

If this happens and data is lost on your computer’s hard drive then it may not seem like there’s much hope for recovering them, but Computer Hounds has data recovery specialists who have been doing just that for years with great success rates for those in need of their services! Contact us today if you’ve found yourself in one of these unfortunate situations. Our team will do everything they can to recover whatever data was stored on your Hard Drive as quickly and efficiently as possible so you won’t lose out again!

Data Recovery Process

What is the data recovery process like?

The data recovery process can vary depending on the type of data loss that has occurred. Most data recoveries are completed in a few days or weeks, though some cases may take longer to restore data from damaged storage media like an HDD and SSD. After diagnosing your problem, our specialists will try their best to help you get back what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible!

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